Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Disney Couture's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

On the eve of the release of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the UK, I am pondering over the appeal of the whole pirate thing.  So it's not just 5 year old boys who love dressing up as Captain Hook, Blackbeard and Sparrow.  Bizarrely, it seems that grown up boys and girls like to too!    To be honest though, Johnny's Depp has done a great job of making pirates cool!  

Fortunately for all of us pirate-wannabees, Disney Couture have brought out a range of fabulous pirate-themed jewellery

The predominant theme is skulls, a motif which has enduring appeal.  We love the skull rings and necklaces, softened just a tad by the floral detailing.  

We love too the colourful braided bracelets and ship-inspired chandelier earrings.  The collection also contains reproductions of the rings worn by Captain Jack Sparrow.  

This eclectic range of jewellery was launched last week and is selling fast.  Why not have look at the full collection on-line now at www.zentosa.com.

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