Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Miss Lola by Lola Rose arrives at Zentosa!

We are really delighted to launch the Miss Lola range by Lola Rose at Zentosa! 

Miss Lola offers a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to Lola Rose jewellery at a lower price point than the core collection without sacrificing quality or beauty.  The metalwork is silver or gold plated brass with a choice of smooth or faceted beads.  In addition, the rings in the Miss Lola Collection are all adjustable so there are no worries over sizing!


The ‘Miss Lola’ range is a collection of delicate, pretty pieces in classic semi-precious stones which individually convey messages of optimism and affection; the epitome of feel-good, super stylish jewellery!

“I want this collection to represent positivity and hopefully to bestow some of that energy onto the wearer. The subtle and pretty designs aren’t too obvious so the message can be secret to you.” – Nikki

The beautiful stones reveal their meaning and hidden empowering messages only to the Miss Lola wearer or the person who bought the piece.
The collection is divided into two ranges, Therapies and Secret Messaging.  Each range conveys a different meaning, but both incorporate semi precious stones into beautiful designs. 

Presented in a special Miss Lola presentation envelope with care card, each piece could be the perfect gift for a friend, sister or Mum, or just a chance for you to treat yourself!

Monday, 22 October 2012

SpiritHoods arrive at Zentosa!

Available from Zentosa!

When I saw the SpiritHood collection earlier this year, it was love at first sight.  Maybe it's the playfulness of the design, the incredible softness of the faux fur or the pro-conservation ethos behind the brand but I had to own one - or maybe all of them! 

Spirithoods is a fabulous accessories brand co-founded by four fun-loving guys in 2010. Handmade from high quality, plush faux-fur in L.A. (never in China, unlike the high street copies you may find), SpiritHoods accessories transform the wearer into the animal spirit that best describes their personality. With a strong celebrity following including Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, Fergie and Katy Perry, you can look both stylish and stay warm!  

 Available in both adult and child sizes, SpiritHoods are designed to be unisex and combine practicality with comfort, with a dash of fun mixed in.  We love the Kid's Koala version which has built in washable speakers - just plug in a phone or music device and your child can sing along to their own playlist! 

 So why not choose your favourite animal and wear your SpiritHood with pride? We guarantee lots of attention, lots of stroking (though not too much from complete strangers!) and definitely some added cheer to the coming winter months!